Best Supports to pair with Ezreal in League

Wondering which League supports champions you should be playing with Ezreal? We have the perfect answer for you!

Ezreal is a unique marksman that relies on his abilities much more than his auto attacks. His long-range spells allow him to poke and farm safely from distance, and he also has a repositioning ability on his E to get away from danger. That said, his laning phase is not that strong, which means he needs a strong support to make his early game much easier. In this guide, we’ll talk about the top 5 best supports for Ezreal in season 13 and how their strength matches with his.

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Best 5 Supports to play with Ezreal

Karma – Overall best support

Out of all the League champions in the game, Karma is probably the best support one to pair with Ezreal. Just like him, Karma has incomparable poke potential during the lane with her Q, but also provides peeling potential with her shields (E) and the ability to lock people down with her W. Playing this bot lane duo means having permanent lane priority, which can be great for your team to capture objectives or rotate to the jungle/fights first, as well as great zoning potential.

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That said, one mistake can heavily backfire the laning phase, and the combo requires great coordination in order to bring it to maximum potential. Since both of you are squishy, you’re also susceptible to ganks: make sure to push with proper vision or you’ll get spam ganked.

Lux – Strongest poke duo

Lux is a similar bot lane combo to the Karma-Ezreal combo, with the main difference being that you sacrifice defenses for more damage and offensive firepower. As a support, Lux offers a lot more damage than your average mage support, which means you will have an insane amount of long-range burst damage. Landing a Q on a target means he’ll face tank both Lux and Ezreal’s spells and be taken down immediately.

During the early game, piloting Lux and Karma is fairly similar: use your abilities to poke your enemies and zone them endlessly from the farm. Once they are in low health or you hit the crowd control, blow them with the rest of your combos.
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Seraphine – best scaling bot lane

Seraphine is yet another champion that works great with Ezreal, but compared to the two supports above, Seraphine offers more reliable peeling. Her damage is not as high as the other two, but she compensates for that with much better scaling and multiple crowd control abilities to lock the enemies down. Not only that, but she also offers healing on top of her shields.

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Playing the Seraphine-Ezreal bot lane, though, requires a great understanding of wave management and play according to the wave state. Pushing too recklessly makes you vulnerable to picks or ganks, so prioritize getting gold early instead of looking constantly for kills. Once both get the Mythic items and ultimates, you can look to concatenate your combos to one-shot an opponent.

Soraka – for the teamfights

Unless you have a poke champion to pair with Ezreal, the marksman is pretty weak on his own in the early game. Soraka will allow him to get through the laning phase safely, and let him farm until he gets his items.

While her poke is not as strong as other supports, she still brings some level of poke during the lane: if you’re able to consistently land your Q’s, Ezreal can look to snipe some kills onto the enemy bot lane. What’s great about Soraka, though, is her healing later into the game: for the enemies, it will be a true pain to deal with.

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Janna – best disengage bot lane

Janna is the best peeling support for Ezreal. Her kit is made specifically to counter hard engage and potential kill threats from the enemy team, especially with her tornados (Q) or her ultimate. In other words, she keeps Ezreal safe while he farms and is the disengage tool as soon as the enemies try to jump on him.

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What’s even better about her is that she can use her E to damage and slow one enemy, allowing Ezreal to hit his spells more easily: do that consistently and you will find yourself either with a couple of kills or with the enemy ADC hundreds of gold behind due to the lower farm.

These are the 5 best supports for Ezreal to play in season 13 of League of Legends! Did we miss any? Let us know!

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