Best ADC champions to play with Milio in LoL

With Milio in the PBE currently, let’s check out which are going to be the best ADC champions to play with him once he’s on live servers.

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The 5 best ADC to play with Milio in LoL

Milio is currently being tested in the PBE, as he’s set to set foot on Summoners’ Rift with the upcoming Patch 13.6. The male enchanter is going to have a simple, intuitive kit that is likely going to work with hyper carries and all those crit-based marksmen.

Despite his simplicity, Riot has put a lot of power into his abilities, so his strength will likely be decided by his numbers. At first sight, though, the impression is that he’s going to be a strong support, especially when paired with specific champions.

Based on his current kit and numbers, we have compiled a list of the best ADC champions that are going to work with Milio. While it’s not definitive, most of them should be pretty much settled.

Caitlyn – the no. 1 ADC for Milio

There is a reason why Riot Games showed Cailtyn and Milio together in the abilities rundown video. The two are probably going to be the no. 1 bot lane pairing with Milio.

caitlyn milio

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Caitlyn is known for being a lane bully thanks to her high attack range. If Milio is played alongside her, there is a chance the enemy players wonì’t get to play, given the insane range she will get under Milio’s W. She can harass enemies for free, without even giving them a way to fight back. Paired with Milio’s passive, Caitlyn will deal even more damage.

On top of that, she will get shields and movement speed bonuses from Milio’s E, partially fixing her lack of mobility. And if Caitlyn gets engaged or locked down by crowd controls, Milio can cleanse it with his ultimate, allowing her to instantly get away from danger.

That being said, this bot lane duo, just like almost all the best Caitlyn bot lanes, is going to be vulnerable to ganks without proper vision. While Milio’s numbers are still being tested on the PBE, there shouldn’t be doubts about the power of this pairing.

Twitch – Hide ‘n’ shoot

Twitch was recently nerfed in Patch 13.5 but it only affected his AP version, which means his crit-based build has remained equally strong. With Milio on his side, the two might have one of the strongest and most broken combos to annihilate the entire enemy team.

While their early game might not be that strong, Twitch can take advantage of Milio’s W to empower his own ultimate. With the added range on top of his own Spray and Pray (which is 300 extra attack range), Twitch can shoot down targets from miles away.

The only question left to answer is their early game because there is high chance that it’s going to be quite weak. This will be what determines the real power of this duo.

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Jinx – Blowing up teams from afar

When paired with Milio, Jinx have a similar approach to Twitch’s, as the two share similar traits in terms of late-game damage output and DPS. The main difference, however, is that Jinx got buffed recently, and her early game is slightly stronger thanks to her AoE damage from her rockets which allows her to play with the wave management better.

jinx milio adc

Image Credits | Riot Games

While she won’t have Twitch’s insane attack range later on, she will still be able to dish out consistent damage, and Milio’s ultimate shields should be good enough to protect her from any potential threat. As long as she can long enough to get the reset, Jinx will then take over the fights.

Kog’ Maw – Probably the strongest late-game bot lane

Speaking of hypercarries, we must mention Kog’Maw. While he’s been off the radar for ages, no ADC beats him when it comes to melting down enemies in the late-game teamfights.

Milio empowers everything that makes Kog’Maw strong, with the potential of turning him into a one-vs-nine solo carry machine. Thanks to the added attack range from both Kog’Maw’s W and Milio’s own Cozy Campfire (W), the marksman will become untouchable. If you’re not sold on why hypercarries work with Milio, you better watch this clip.

The only way to beat this bot lane duo will be to punish them as much as possible in the early game. If Kog’Maw somehow manages to get to the three or more items, then nobody can hold a torch to them.

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Senna – the unconventional duo pairing

Most of the champions in this list so far have been hypercarries, which are notoriously known to have great synergy with enchanter supports like Milio. That said, there is one atypical marksman that might also work with him, and that’s Senna.

The main question to solve is whether Senna or Milio should get the resources in this game. Senna has been tweaked several times in order to fit as a support pick in the majority of the cases. Considering the high AP scaling on Milio, it might be worth testing out Milio as the farming champion. He will struggle early on, but Senna can help him by constantly auto-attacking waves.

senna milio adc

Image Credits | Riot Games

What’s certain is that both champions will be strong later on, especially when Senna gets enough stacks to increase her attack range. The longer the game lasts, the better this duo gets. We might get to a point where Senna can get easily to 1000 attack range with Milio’s W, firing shots from safe places. Even if they get jumped on, both Milio and Senna have protective ultimates to negate any potential aggression.

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