Apple’s VR Headset has been leaked!

Apple have recently had their XR headset leaked to the general public. Whilst it has been clear Apple have been looking into the Metaverse with recent job listings from them looking for Web3 workers, many of us have been wanting to learn more about Apple’s efforts.

This new project has not been given a specific release date nor has it been discussed by Apple directly. Apple are renowned for their slick and stylish product lines with the headset not being an exception in this.


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What to expect from Apple?

We’ll go over all we know about the Apple XR Headset. Information is limited, however the fact Apple is pushing for the Metaverse is a great sign for crypto games as their contributions are always significant to technology and its advancements.

The price for the headset is set to be around $3000 which seems quite a lot at first glance, and it is. When a new piece of tech does come out the price point is always on the higher end, such as flat screen televisions for example. Apple’s products are fairly expensive also so keep both things in mind.

No one is sure on the release, however if Apple wants to compete with Meta’s Oculus Rift then they need to be releasing this year to bring flare to the market. Sales for headsets have gone down over the past year.

A single strap is on the headset that goes around the head. Furthermore, it has a way less bulky design than other headsets. Apple is notorious these days for making lightweight, easy to use products. It has been reported it is made from aluminum, carbon fiber, and glass.

The battery life for this product will not last long presumably as it is meant to be used in short bursts. Time will tell though.

To control gameplay with the XR headset it has been noted that Apple has patented some technology. Players will use ring controllers that go on the hands and/or hand tracking.

Other cool features

Whilst the XR headset from Apple seems cool, what’s the use if you cannot use any games or apps on it? Well there is the possibility that Apple App Store titles will be playable on the XR Headset.

The headset will feature a 2D view which the apps are usable in. Imagine Angry Birds in XR? No one would have expected that when playing it back on the iPod Touch. We can expect designated apps to be released that will fully optimize the features on this XR Headset.

Overall this is a great step for Apple as they look to take on Meta and conquer the Metaverse land. Apple has loyal fans so we can imagine they’ll stick through till the end with them.

The price point is not accessible for everyone and the lack of designated apps to begin with may stunt sales and popularity.

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