Apex Legends: The Board Game brings the battle royale to your tabletop

If you just can’t get enough Apex Legends, there’s some good news, as there’s an official board game in the works.

Quite simply titled Apex Legends: The Board Game, this particular tabletop adaptation is a competitive tactics game designed for 2-4 players, though you will be able to play with more people thanks to some planned expansions (thanks, GameSpot). It’s actually planned to have a Kickstarter campaign, which launches May 17, but with a game as popular as Apex, it’s pretty likely to be successfully funded.

In the game, you’ll play as a Legend, four of which are included in the main set, as you attempt to take out other players or teams, with sessions lasting roughly an hour each time. While the game’s board itself hasn’t been shown off yet, or what it will actually be like to play the game, a press release promises a “fully-immersive, three-dimensional environment taken straight from the screen.”

The four Legends you can choose from in the base set are Wraith, Gibraltar, Bloodhound, and Bangalore, so apologies if your main hasn’t made it in. Similarly to the video game, each of the four Legends will have unique abilities, and more Legends and modular maps are planned to be released as add-ons and expansions (though these haven’t been announced yet).

Glass Cannon Unplugged is the studio behind the board game, which is currently also working on a Dying Light board game, so it seems like video game adaptations are the niche it’s trying to hit.

Apex Legends recently achieved a new record for peak number of players concurrently in the game at once, which it managed to do mostly because of the brand new Team Deathmatch mode. That highly-anticipated mode arrived alongside Season 16, Revelry, which also added in a class system for each of the characters, in place of adding a new character.

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