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AI War 2: The Neinzul Abyss DLC now available

Arcen Video games have launched AI Warfare 2: The Neinzul Abyss, the newest and remaining DLC enlargement for his or her hit grand technique RTS.

AI Warfare 2: The Neinzul Abyss is a very huge DLC pack that provides a ton of recent content material. One of many main highlights of the pack is the addition of the Necromancer, a totally new solution to play the sport. Gamers can select to play because the Necromancer as an alternative of the default human faction, permitting them to boost huge armadas of undead warships of their intergalactic struggle in opposition to the AI.  

The DLC additionally provides half a dozen new NPC factions, new forces for the AI to command in opposition to you, new ships, new map sorts, new AI archetypes so you possibly can tweak the marketing campaign’s problem, and rather more. AI Warfare 2: The Neinzul Abyss is out there for $9.99. 

Arcen Video games additionally launched a prolonged information publish discussing the event of AI Warfare 2: The Neinzul Abyss. Seeing as how that is AI Warfare 2‘s remaining DLC enlargement, Arcen Video games additionally contact on their plans for the long run over the course of the subsequent 3 to 4 years. 

AI Warfare 2 The Neinzul Abyss DLC

Veterans of Fleet Command will bear in mind the Neinzul as swarmers who attrited to demise. Properly, these have been simply the ahead scouts. The Neinzul Abyss will see you combating with or in opposition to their full would possibly. Behold, the true energy of the Neinzul! From the Evil Necromancer (that may very well be you) to the Eldritch Elderlings!

New Participant Kind! The Necromancer
A brand new elective solution to play the complete recreation! Quite than enjoying as the same old Human Empire, enjoying as a Necromancer offers you management over a cell fleet that feasts on the residing from different universes. Seize enemy guard posts, make skeletons and wights out of enemy ships, and quest in opposition to the Templars and the Neinzul Elderlings. Improvement on this huge new playstyle took a whole yr, and the phrase from most of our testers is that that is their new favourite solution to expertise the sport.

For multiplayer, there may be an elective Necromancer Sidekick that may play alongside human or Necromancer empires, or in single-player or multi-player you possibly can have any variety of Necromancer Empires on their very own or with different participant sorts.

What to Anticipate
With the main focus of this DLC being the Neinzul and their distinctive civilization, You’ll be interacting with them for almost each minute of the sport within the type of six new minor factions. From the fractured roaming enclaves, the ever roaming migrants, to the terrifying and eldritch Elderlings, no two minor factions will ever really feel equivalent to one another.

If these factions aren’t of curiosity to you, then maybe the all new evil and insidious Necromancer participant sort is. When enjoying because the Necromancer faction, you possibly can select to both play it as a wholly new solution to play the sport as a Necromancer Empire, or as a supportive position in multiplayer video games because the Necromancer Sidekick. As per the norm, new ships, mechanics, and buildings that include DLCs have been added in to boost the sport much more. Extra on these later, for now, let’s discuss concerning the huge factions!

NPC Faction: Neinzul Sappers
The Neinzul Sappers are a part of a Neinzul hive thoughts that has been in a position to combine themselves swiftly into our personal ranks. They’re keen and in a position to help us in our resistance in opposition to the AI. Whereas they haven’t mentioned why, the AI is hostile to them and can try to exterminate them on sight.

Deployment of turrets and watchtowers with Neinzul Sapper patrol items are a standard sight wherever they entrench themselves. They’re just like the AI Warden Fleets subroutine, being defensive in nature, however they’re additionally able to supporting us whereas attacking. In the event that they discover us attacking a close-by AI world, they might ship in particular items that deploy turrets mid battle to help us.

NPC Faction: Neinzul Custodians
The Neinzul Custodians are the results of a Neinzul hive thoughts that has refused to divide itself. Of their prime, the Neinzul Custodians have been part of a grand Neinzul empire that spanned many stars, all below a single hive thoughts. The nice shattering of the Neinzul empire got here when the Hive thoughts might take no extra. Fracturing into numerous enclaves, they now endure a civil struggle, identical to now we have.

Every enclave will work with different enclaves below a custodian faction to mutually survive. Whereas a custodian faction could ally with us, one other could select to aspect with the AI. There may be additionally the opportunity of even the Darkish Spire and Darkish Zenith buying an alliance with these Neinzul Custodians. Both approach, it’s best we put together for each new allies and enemies to look earlier than us.

NPC Faction: Neinzul Migrants
After we have been alerted to unusual wormhole signatures showing on a close-by planet, we discovered numerous ships matching Neinzul profiles pouring out, partaking the AI. The smaller ships, whereas being destroyed in droves, have been broadcasting indicators of pleasant nature.

After reaching the placement of those unusual wormholes, a big Neinzul vessel was spat out of the wormhole earlier than it closed in on itself. It seems that it merely needs to depart this galaxy and migrate elsewhere to make sure its survival. Your science crew believes it might be price serving to these new migrating Neinzul by escorting them to security, as they might yield sudden rewards. The selection is yours on whether or not to assist them or depart them to distract the AI.

NPC Faction: Neinzul Wild Hives
Neinzul forces which our scientists have creatively named “Wild Hives” are animalistic in nature. They’ve refused any and all communication makes an attempt, and have begun seizing and infesting all metallic wealthy asteroids they arrive throughout.

The Wild Hives use them as each useful resource harvesting areas and breeding grounds. They’ve even been witnessed doing this to our personal asteroids, stealing them away from us!

Fortuitously, we are able to calibrate our weapons to merely sterilize the Neinzul from the metallic wealthy asteroids. Nevertheless, it’s to be anticipated that the Wild Hives gained’t precisely take this mendacity down.

If two completely different Wild Hives meet on a planet, they’ll struggle for management over the metallic mines, and blast anybody that isn’t themselves.

Extra Particulars On The New Necromancer Participant Kind
The Necromancer is right here to terrorize your enemies! Enjoying radically in a different way from the usual Human Empire, The Necromancer is all about changing their enemies into senseless corpses to throw them again at their former comrades.

From the smallest of strike craft, to the most important of ships, all shall turn into your new undead minions! Strikecraft turn into skeletons, guardian or frigate degree ships turn into Wights, and dire guardians flip into mummies. You possibly can even seize AI guard posts in your personal use!

On the one hand, you spend science to improve your items, identical to the Human Empire. On the opposite, you possibly can purchase new skeleton, wight, and different upgraded variants of your fundamental items from Templar Rifts.

Necromancers don’t have command stations, however as an alternative, they’ve Necropoleis (the plural Greek type of Necropolis)! A Necropolis is sort of a Spire Metropolis in that it has a modular construct system, with buildings taking on hexes as an alternative of casings.

And as an alternative of a House Command Station, Necromancers get a Phylactery. In contrast to the human House Command Station, the Necromancer can spend a brand new useful resource, Essence, to swap the Phylactery’s location with one other Necropolis. This even works because the Phylactery is dying, stopping a recreation over. Nevertheless, if the Necromancer has no Essence or any non-crippled Necropoleis although, it’s curtains for them! Hexes might be devoted to varied buildings, equivalent to defensive totems, flagship-supporting unit-homes, or shipyards.

You possibly can select to construct a Minor Necropolis, which is able to assist your flagship, a defensive Necropolis, which focuses on holding down the placement it’s at, or a Main Necropolis which supplies you one other flagship to work with. When you spend some Essence, you possibly can improve your Necropoleis or Phylactery to extend their hex rely.

The Necromancer doesn’t require metallic to operate. Additionally… the Necromancer is Evil with a capital E. This interprets to getting the Science, Hacking and Essence assets by murdering and killing particular items in fight, slightly than simply gathering it passively at planets you seize. What sort of items? Properly…

NPC Faction: The Templars
The Templars are right here to cease the Necromancer by purging it in Holy Hearth. Standing in opposition to the Darkness and bathed in Holy Mild, they’re proof against being corrupted by the Necromancer and can routinely launch Crusades in opposition to the Necromancer. Whereas these Crusades begin out as weak raids, led by easy Messenger Heralds, they’ll ultimately develop into actually giant holy incursions led by Harbingers of Mild. Templars are your most important supply of science and hacking factors.

Most Templars you slay will reward you with science, and a few reward hacking as effectively. As the sport progresses, the Templar will launch Templar Constructors to construct Encampments across the map. Whereas Templar Encampments are weak, and don’t supply any prime quality or amount troops to assault you with, they’ll ultimately turn into Templar Fastnesses which may positively begin bringing within the ache with extra effectively outfitted troopers and are extra able to defending themselves.

Ultimately, a Templar Fastness can turn into a Templar Fort, which is able to repelling Necromancer assaults whereas providing the very best high quality troops to assault you with. When the Templars launch a Campaign in opposition to you, they’ll spawn a pacesetter unit. Because the chief unit passes by means of the map, it rallies any Templar items it comes throughout to its trigger, particularly if it passes a Templar Encampment, Fastness or Fort. Destroying these buildings and chief items grants a hefty quantity of science and hacking factors.

Templar Rifts are susceptible wormholes that result in the Templar’s worlds with their civilians residing in worry of being slain by the Necromancer, which is why they’ll try to defend their rifts. If a Necromancer is ready to attain a rift, it might siphon the rift, dooming these on the opposite aspect in trade for extra highly effective items, or typically, Essence.

As you struggle on, extra rifts spawn, with extra Templars popping out to defend them. Now whereas these Templar fellows will be the ones attempting to cease you, they’re not the one ones you need to take care of. Whereas combating Templars rewards you with science and hacking, they solely sometimes hand you Essence. It’s time to get your major supply of Essence. Introducing…

NPC Faction: The Elderlings
These large Neinzul have one way or the other managed to outlive and separate themselves from a hivemind, and have grown to completely huge proportions, with some rising to be as giant as a moon. Apathetic to the AI and Templars, they’ll have interaction the Necromancer at first sight. Every Elderling slain grants you Essence! Essence is used to improve your flagships and Necropoleis to allow them to turn into much more highly effective in waging their struggle in opposition to the Templar and AI. With out Essence, the Templar will ultimately achieve the higher hand and purge you from the galaxy.

Elderlings are hatched from large eggs strewn concerning the galaxy, and as they mature, they’ll lay their very own eggs to perpetuate their existence. This ensures a gradual provide of Essence will movement to you. Nevertheless, it’s best to commonly cull their numbers. For the separation of Elderlings and Hive Thoughts has taken a toll on their sanity. And after they run out of sanity? Issues could get… ugly.

Elderlings will also be hacked. You possibly can selected to disclose what territory it calls house, or forcefully remodel it right into a extra highly effective variant that doesn’t drop Essence, however permits whichever Necromancer slays it the power to remodel their flagships with its traits. Fancy respiration fireballs at your enemies?

Nevertheless, if you happen to’re feeling actually courageous, you possibly can determine to make use of the resonant frequencies of an Elderling and transmit a sign that can agitate one thing actually horrifying… One thing as outdated as the celebrities themselves… However simply take into consideration how a lot Essence you could possibly harvest from such an entity!

New Challenger Approaching: The Venators!
The latest additions to the AI’s roster. The AI has been being attentive to what forces you employ, and can now react accordingly. Venators are ships which might be designed to seek out particular items, with every Venator hand tailor-made to do its job exceptionally effectively.

Are you utilizing excessive quantities of zombification? Out come the Debauched Venators, who’re proof against zombification.

Are you utilizing sniper items to struggle the AI so it may’t retaliate? The Quaint Venator will put a cease to that actual fast and pressure you to interact it in shut fight.

Are you utilizing Golems or Arks? Right here come the Foppish Venators to spoil your day. You had higher fluctuate your ways, as turning into a one trick pony will trigger the AI to reply accordingly and it’ll deploy the suitable counter.

What else is there?

  • With All the large new factions being puffed up, it’s time to lastly tackle the smaller, however no much less essential issues that this enlargement provides.
    Orbital ships, together with new capturable Wards that you should utilize with any fleet.
  • Corrosive weapons, which eats away at a goal over time, whereas ignoring shields. Very highly effective in opposition to protect heavy items.
  • Self Meeting permits a ship to restore itself each time it fires its weapon. In contrast to Vampirism, which is reliant on the precise harm dealt and is a shipwide trait, Self Meeting is a weapon trait and permits the ship utilizing it to restore itself at a constant price.
  • Wards are items that orbit round one other unit or constructing, permitting them to satisfy a mess of functions, be it protection, offense, or assist! They arrive in each conventional shipline and drone variants. From the slice ‘n cube Scythe Ward, to the ship resurrecting Angelic Ward, they’re all enjoyable to make use of. Put them on a fundamental transport and it may turn into greater than only a easy shuttle in your forces. Moreover, they offer you a larger incentive to improve forcefield and cell fort tech.
  • Destroyers are ships which might be centered round producing wards to help of their battles. Equally to cruisers, they’re thought of elite ship traces, so only one destroyer line can slot in every transport. Whereas weaker than a cruiser, they do are available in pairs.
  • A number of new ships: there are some new and thrilling ships so that you can discover and use, from the Blade Spawner frigate, to the shoving Bouncer, there’s loads of new selection so that you can toy round with!
  • Three model new map sorts, Squares, Dissonance and Loopy Branching have been added to struggle the AI throughout. Loopy Branching particularly has a ton of customizable settings for individuals who are loopy sufficient to do that map!
  • Eight new AI sorts to problem your self in opposition to. The Aggressor AI will drown you below border aggression, whereas the Panopticon AI is content material to observe you endure by means of its many eyes. When you’re actually daring, the Skirmisher AI is all too blissful to drop Venators on you proper out the get go!
  • Elective “Showdown Units”: permits for an alternate win situation the place you get and maintain 4 mysterious gadgets on 4 planets. Capturing three out of 4 of them will set off an all-out struggle which, if you happen to can survive it, will result in victory for humanity.
  • Elective “Brutal Guardian Lairs”: These shattered moons disguise a horrible secret inside them, the Brutal Guardians! They’re much extra highly effective than Dire Guardians, and can spawn a Brutal Guardian in 5 minutes when it first detects you and each half-hour afterwards.

As that is the ultimate DLC for AI Warfare 2, we’re actually grateful to each people who caught with us from the start, to those that are simply getting began with AI Warfare 2. This recreation was a real ardour mission, and improvement would’ve by no means been doable with out you, the group. It’s sort of exhausting to consider that is the top, huh?

From huge overhauls such because the fleet system, to World Command Augmenters was Turret Schematic Servers, AI Warfare 2’s historical past is actually encyclopedic, and the patch notes alone might in all probability burn up at the very least half a completely grown tree if printed on paper! This isn’t fairly the top for AI Warfare 2, as we’re sure that bugs will crop up that should be squashed, and we need to assist any modders that occur to share a few of their works with us. The sport will likely be up to date right here and there, and the unit encyclopedia will likely be up to date very quickly, however general, the sport is usually characteristic full. It’s time for AI Warfare 2 to shut in type.

Thanks for taking part in!

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